Bellevue Botanical Garden


Our Garden
Waterwise Rock Garden
Tiny wildflowers, mountain hemlock, and granite outcrops
Waterwise Fuchsia Garden
Some of summer’s most dazzling floral displays welcome you in this garden
Waterwise Waterwise Garden
Discover natural garden care practices
Spring Courtyard Spring Courtyard and Tapestry Hedge
Water emerges from stone and flows through a rill
Shorts Ground Cover Shorts Ground Cover Garden
Water cascaes through a lush display of ground covers
Shorts Shorts House
The original home of Cal and Harriet Shorts
Dahliia Dahlia Garden
Sun-loving dahlias provide a kaleidoscope of color and texture
Perennial Perennial Border
An example of a distinctively American-style mixed border
Fern Fern Collection
Planted with a variety of ferns suitable for NW gardens
Rhododendron Rhododendron Glen
Over 50 different rhododendrons and their companions

Native Discovery Garden
Discover using native plants in urban landscapes

Tateuchi Tateuchi Loop Trail
An easy and relaxing stroll along a ½- mile loop trail
Yao Yao Garden
A traditional Japanese gate leads into this contemplative garden.
Trail Lost Meadow Trail
Active forest management creates a refuge for people, plants, and wildlife
Ravine The Ravine Experience
A looped nature trail into a steep-sided ravine including a suspension bridge
Visitor Center Visitor Center
Shop at the Trillium Store, meet at the Gathering Place, or take a class

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