Container Vegetable Gardening

Many herbs and vegetables can be container-grown! Container gardening is ideal for those with limited space or poor soil conditions. Most vegetables can be grown in containers, but some do better than others or require particular structures or special strategies. Instructor Joan Baldwin will suggest vegetables and varieties that are best suited for growing in containers, as well as the preferred types of containers, growing media, location, and watering strategies. Joan Baldwin is a team leader for the King County...

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$5 – $15

Hydrangea Pruning

Do you wonder why your hydrangeas don’t bloom or bloom poorly? Perhaps you want direction on when and how to prune your various hydrangeas. Kit Haesloop will describe and show detailed techniques and timing for pruning hydrangeas. She will cover pruning for blooms and health as well as how best to rejuvenate neglected plants. She will also demonstrate pruning on several species of hydrangeas. $5 BBGS & NPA members/$15 nonmembers.

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$5 – $15

You Can Garden for Life

Adaptive gardening gives gardeners of all ages and abilities countless strategies that enable them to continue to enjoy gardening, even when their bodies say, “I don’t think so.” Toni Gattone will teach you how to save time, money, space, and above all, energy. Rethink how you approach working in your garden and how your garden can be modified to increase your comfort and safety. We will discuss hardscape and tripping hazards, elevated raised beds, containers, vertical gardening, and how your...

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$5 – $15

Oil Painting: Joyful Sunflowers and Hydrangeas

Rohini Mathur will demonstrate how to paint a bright and colorful floral and garden scene using oil paints. You will learn skills such as underpainting; layering; composition basics; and mixing a strong color palette. This class is suitable for beginners. You will be sent a supply list upon registration. $35 member/$45 non-member

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$35 – $45
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