NOTICE: Storm clean-up continues at the Garden. Most, but not all, trails have re-opened, so please watch your step and stay out of closed areas.

Dan’s 20 Favorite Plants at Windcliff and How to Best Succeed with Them

From Agapanthus campanulatus to Woodwardia unigemmata, Dan Hinkley will try to limit his favorite plants at Windcliff to only 20 (or so). He will not only describe the characteristics of each, but he will also tell us how we can grow them in our own gardens. Proceeds from this event will benefit BBGS and Heronswood. $15 BBGS & Heronswood members/$25 nonmembers. Windcliff photo by Nita-Jo Rountree

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$15 – $25

The Art and Science of Trees

Learn to grow your own tree from a cutting, play tree trivia, paint a forest landscape, and discuss new research asserting that trees have feelings. You will need watercolor paints and paper as well as some hardwood cuttings and planting supplies. We’ll provide a supply list, or you can order a kit from us. For kit pick-up at the garden, we will send out a sign-up. This is a 2 hour workshop, designed for middle school youth. If you have...

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$10 – $15

Introduction to Mindfulness and Forest Bathing

Presented by Mindful in the Wild Did you know that trees are really good for you?  The healing power of nature can restore your mind, body and spirit.  Join us to learn about the history of Shinrin-Yoku (Japanese Forest Bathing), the science behind nature’s ability to heal, and do some calming, meditative Shinrin-yoku practices. You will learn how to open your awareness to experience the outdoors in a whole new way! Our speakers are Deborah Wilk LMFT (psychotherapist in private...

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$5 – $15

Soil: Your Garden’s Most Valuable Player

It's all about soil - and it's a lot more than dirt! Gia Parsons will discuss how to improve and maintain soil fertility so you can grow nutritious produce and beautiful ornamentals, the importance and limitations of soil testing, how to read and use soil tests, and strategies for fertilizing and amending soil. She will also provide a discussion of gardening methods that foster healthy and fertile soil. Gia Parsons has been a King County Master Gardener for 12 years...

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$5 – $15
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