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Build Your Own Wreath using the Plastic Wrap Method

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Here is a fun and simple way to make a wreath without having to do a bunch of wiring!  This style of wreath is also very easy to re-use with fresh greens. We taught this method at our wreath class in 2019 at the Bellevue Botanical Garden and it worked out really well. We had a family at the wreath class and the child who was about 8 years old was able to make a wreath as well.  We would…

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Wanted: Garden Escapee, English Ivy

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Wanted: Garden Escapee, English Ivy By Angela DiLorenzo   English Ivy (Hedera helix) garners oohs and ahhs clinging to the sides of English cottages and adorning arbors. However, in our Northwest coast forests and parklands, it is a menace. Ivy draws us in with its lovely trailing vines and evergreen properties. We eagerly purchase hanging pots and planters full of lovely variegated vines to beautify our homes. Eventually, the annuals die, and perennials over grow their pots. A convenient backyard…

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Planning – and Planting – for Pollinators

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Planning – and Planting – for Pollinators By Cynthia Welte Home gardeners can do a lot for pollinator species by providing access to shelter, food, water, and nesting space. The Urban Meadow at the Bellevue Botanical Garden is an example of a pollinator-friendly planting. Next time you walk at the Garden, look at the plants and layout for ideas for your garden. Urban and suburban gardens are not too small to create habitat! Many pollinators have a small range, so…

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Nature Invites Us Closer

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By Deborah Wilk, LMFT “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter”  -Rachel Carson Spring is here! And this season of new beginnings is certainly welcome right now. Birds are singing, trees are blooming and flowers are adding great bursts of color in every direction. With so many other aspects of our daily lives feeling upside down, Nature provides comfort by behaving just as we…

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