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Leaf Magic

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Leaf Magic  by Barb Williams At every season of the year there is Leaf Magic to be found at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. You will find leaves of different colors, shapes and sounds. Treat yourself by sitting in the leaf chair opposite the Ground Cover Garden waterfall (this chair is actually an art piece titled “The Nature of Sitting” by artist Pam Beyette). As you sit, notice the colorful leaves as they whirl, dance and float to the ground during…

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Build Your Own Wreath using the Plastic Wrap Method

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Here is a fun and simple way to make a wreath without having to do a bunch of wiring!  This style of wreath is also very easy to re-use with fresh greens. We taught this method at our wreath class in 2019 at the Bellevue Botanical Garden and it worked out really well. We had a family at the wreath class and the child who was about 8 years old was able to make a wreath as well.  We would…

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