Exploring the Texture of Trees

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Exploring the Texture of Trees By Kate Sorensen Now is a great time to head outside to observe the textures found in nature. Some questions to think about while you are exploring include: How would you describe the tree bark that you find? Is it thick or thin? Smooth or rough? Does the tree have leaves (deciduous) or needles (coniferous)? How do they feel? Compare an old leaf to a new leaf. Do they feel different? What part of the…

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

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By Kate Sorensen As I was wandering around the Flower and Garden Festival a couple of years ago, there was a booth for kids to make a plant pot out of newspaper. It was really easy and ingenious! So, I went looking online for directions to share with you. You just need newspaper and a bottle or jar with a concave bottom. Read more here. The Spruce website has some great container garden projects that kids will love. Link includes:…

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Planning – and Planting – for Pollinators

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Planning – and Planting – for Pollinators By Cynthia Welte Home gardeners can do a lot for pollinator species by providing access to shelter, food, water, and nesting space. The Urban Meadow at the Bellevue Botanical Garden is an example of a pollinator-friendly planting. Next time you walk at the Garden, look at the plants and layout for ideas for your garden. Urban and suburban gardens are not too small to create habitat! Many pollinators have a small range, so…

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Rose Love

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Words and Photo by Nita-Jo Rountree Roses are beginning to show us why they’re called the “Queen of Flowers.” The lovely, newly emerging foliage fills us with great anticipation for the scented floral beauty that will soon follow. This is a perfect time to plant containerized roses, and the nurseries are brimming with choices. The other day at Wells Medina Nursery, I saw a man unloading a cart full of roses and compost into his SUV. “You’re going to have…

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Nature Invites Us Closer

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By Deborah Wilk, LMFT “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter”  -Rachel Carson Spring is here! And this season of new beginnings is certainly welcome right now. Birds are singing, trees are blooming and flowers are adding great bursts of color in every direction. With so many other aspects of our daily lives feeling upside down, Nature provides comfort by behaving just as we…

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Spring Tips for Gardeners

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By Daniel Sparler This article is a reprint from the spring issue of The Buzz – a 16-page quarterly newsletter that is mailed to all BBGS members. Enjoy this and several other member benefits by becoming a BBGS member! We’re all practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work in your own garden! With the arrival of April and daylight saving time, this is the perfect time to get outside on these ever-lengthening, light-drenched afternoons and tackle a…

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