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WEBINAR: The Wonder of Wildside


Webinar presented by Jon Evans. Jon is a long-standing member of the Alpine Garden Society (AGS) and is best known within the AGS as a photographer. He is interested in bulbs of all sorts, but his plant expertise extends far beyond bulbs and alpines. Wildside, the garden of pioneering plantsman Keith Wiley, is the most exciting and innovative garden in Britain today. Jon first visited Wildside in 2013 and has visited the garden every time it has been open to...

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Floral Still Life: Beginning Acrylic Painting

Aaron Education Center at the Bellevue Botanical Garden 12001 Main St, Bellevue

Taught by Terry MacDonald. In this class you will receive an overview of acrylic painting from materials to techniques. As you learn about brushes, surfaces, and paints, you will explore the principles of value, shape, color, and shadows with a simple pear painting. Next you will incorporate these lessons into a floral still life as you learn about composition and color theory. Everything will be provided; you only need to bring a desire to learn and have fun! $87.50 BBGS...