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By Kate Sorensen

As I was wandering around the Flower and Garden Festival a couple of years ago, there was a booth for kids to make a plant pot out of newspaper. It was really easy and ingenious! So, I went looking online for directions to share with you. You just need newspaper and a bottle or jar with a concave bottom. Read more here.

The Spruce website has some great container garden projects that kids will love.

Link includes:

  • celery from a celery base
  • garlic in a can
  • grow a vine from a sweet potato
  • grow a garden in an eggshell
  • mason jar terrariums
  • juice pouches and toys as planters

TIP: If you, as a parent, are not up for another project that you have to organize or find materials for, remember that time spent outside does not have to be structured. Just suggesting that the kids make fairy houses or mandalas out of sticks and leaves can provide lots of entertainment.

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  • Barbara Bruell says:

    I love these blog posts with activities for kids. I shared to several FB groups including the massive pacific NW gardeners group of over 14k people.

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