Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting rental reservations at this time


The Aaron Education Center is the ideal setting for meetings, events, classes, lectures and plant sales. Use of facilities is restricted to 501(c)(3) non-profit groups for their mission-based activities, with priority given to Bellevue Botanical Garden partner groups and mission-related organizations. We do not permit private events such as weddings or parties at the Garden.

Facility Reservations:

For more information, contact us at (425) 452-2750 or email your inquiry. Once you are ready to proceed, complete the Facility Use Request and Facility Use Supplemental forms.


Professional Photography

Currently, individuals or small groups (up to 25 people total, including photographer and their staff) may use the Garden for professional photography based on availability. Permits are required and must be requested by phone or email at least one week before date of photo shoot.

Professional Photography Guidelines

To ensure a positive session while maintaining a pleasant experience for our many visitors, please follow these guidelines.

  • Keep pathways clear
  • Stay out of planting beds
  • You are welcome to walk on the lawns
  • Do not disturb or remove plants, plant parts, plant labels, markers, or containers
  • Do not climb on the rocks or in the trees
  • Please be courteous of other visitors’ expectations for a peaceful visit to the Garden
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the Garden; service animals only are allowed.
  • We do not have changing rooms or facilities for indoor photography
  • While we do not allow weddings at the Garden, we do allow wedding photography
  • If a photographer is simply taking pictures for his or her own personal enjoyment, there is no fee.
  • Even if a permit is not required, we still ask that large groups (10 or more) inform us of your plans to visit so that we can go over the guidelines and get your group on the calendar. Please see our Group Visits page for more information.

Professional Photography Fees:

• Permit fees are $25 for the first 2 hours
• $12.50 for each additional hour

For payment, we accept Visa and Mastercard, or you may mail in a check once your permit is approved. At this time we are unable to accept cash payments.

To Obtain a Permit:

Call us at 425-452-2750, or email us at to request a permit. Complete the Facility Use Request form for photography. Bring your receipt with you to the Garden. It is your permit.


We are currently issuing commercial still or filming permits on a limited basis. Email staff with your request.

Commercial photography includes, but is not limited to, photography within the Bellevue Botanical Garden to promote or sell a product or service, photos or films for sale, and photography used for business purposes. Pre-scheduling is essential and a permit is required. Permit approval will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Commercial Still Photography:

• $50 permit fee
• $50 half-day use fee

Commercial Filming:

• $50 permit fee
• $150 half-day use fee

To Obtain a Permit:

Contact us at 425-452-2750 or by email to inquire about scheduling a commercial shoot. Once you have received approval to proceed, you must complete the Facility Use Request form for photography and return it with payment, as explained above.