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Spring has sprung!

By Kate Sorensen

Now is a great time to look at the growth of plants as we head into the growing season.

I’ve started to take photos of our Gunnera tinctoria plants at the Garden (pictured above). They grow so fast! They look like giant rhubarb, but the plants are not related to each other. If you are visiting the Garden, you can find the plants by the Aaron Education Center and office entrance in the Rain Garden. The plant is considered a weed in parts of the world.

How Plants Grow

Find an activity on How Plants Grow from Project Learning Tree here.  Do your own experiment! If you want to share with us, email us your photos.

Flower Parts and Pollination

We are certainly in the season for lots of pollen! When we have school groups come to the Garden, we are able to talk about and show them the parts of flowers. Here are some links that talk about the pollination process:
Pollination of Flowers for Children (Animated with photos)
Parts of the Flower, Pollination Video (Animated)

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