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Wi-Fi at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

We provide free Wi-Fi while you are visiting the Garden. Connect to “Bellevue Connect” through your phone’s Wi-Fi settings. Please note that this is a public Wi-Fi network and is not secure.

Tap or Scan Markers for Plant Identification

Tap or Scan markers (pictured at left) can be found throughout the Garden. These markers connect to our Plant Database and will provide you with information about the plants located in the Garden area you are in.

How to Use Tap or Scan Markers in the Garden

You will need a smart phone or other mobile device with NFC (Android devices) or QR (Apple devices) technology. Please note that your device must be connected to the internet either through a cell signal or Wi-Fi.

Android devices:

  • You must have NFC set to “on.”
  • Swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal settings.
  • Click on the gear icon.
  • From the list, select “Connected Devices.”
  • Set the NFC switch to “on” to activate NFC.
  • Once NFC is on, simply tap your device against the Tap or Scan marker to be taken to the plant information page.

Apple devices:

  • Open the native camera app on your device.
  • Hold the device camera up to the QR code.
  • No need to hit the shutter button; your iOS device will automatically recognize the QR code and provide you with an on-screen notification.
  • Tap the notification to be taken to the plant information page.

Either method will access planting bed details, including bloom time, flower or foliage color, and other plant attributes. “Garden Insights” highlight special points of interest in the Garden.