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The Bellevue Botanical Garden Society is pleased to offer the webinars listed below. Pre-registration is required for all webinars.

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When registering for a webinar, please keep the following in mind:
  • Webinar registration closes 90 minutes before the start of all webinars, so make sure to register prior to this.
  • All webinars take place on the Zoom platform. Prior to the webinar, we recommend downloading either the Zoom app for iOS or Android, or the Zoom Desktop Client for PC or Mac.
  • Once our staff uploads your registration to Zoom, you will receive a separate email from Zoom with join information for the webinar . These links begin going out approximately three weeks before the event. If the webinar is taking place in 24 hours or less, you will receive a join link the day of the webinar.
  • If you have not received a join link one hour before the start of the webinar, inform us immediately by emailing us.
  • We record all webinars and all registrants will receive the recording within one business day. Once the recording is sent, you will have 14 days to watch. After that time, the recording will expire.
  • If you cannot find the Zoom link or the recording in your email inbox, check your spam or junk folder.
  • For further information about our webinar policies, please see our Webinar, Class and Lecture Policies page.

If you have other questions not answered here, please email us.


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Renovating the Aging Garden

ONLINE CLASS Taught by Bess Bronstein. An orderly garden over time can become a wild crowd of trees and shrubs, especially if it was over-planted initially or becomes overgrown when pruning has not been ongoing. However, all is not lost! Often removal or moving of plants can help, but pruning is essential when renovating an old garden. Keep in mind that it took time to create the chaos, and it will take time to renovate it properly. Pruning techniques for...

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Evergreen Botanicals in Winter (Art Class)

ONLINE CLASS Taught by Dorota Haber-Lehigh. Celebrate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest by creating a drawing of a winter evergreen branch. The native and non-native evergreens shine this time of the year and are perfect botanical subjects to draw. The workshop will include a presentation of Dorota’s botanical drawings of various evergreens, a demonstration of how to approach drawing from observation, and a time to draw together. Dorota will share tips on how to approach drawing branches, needles and...

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$31.50 – $45

Houseplants 101

WEBINAR Glasswings plant director, Tassy de Give, will discuss how to choose the right plant for your indoor environment and troubleshoot potential plant problems. Whether you are a first-time plant owner, or are looking to expand your knowledge of your existing collection, this Virtual Houseplants 101 class will give you the know-how for improving the life of your indoor plants. Environmental factors, plant identification, and general care techniques will be discussed. $10.50/$15.

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$10.50 – $15

Wonderful World of Trilliums

WEBINAR In this informative webinar, Susie Egan from Cottage Lake Gardens will lead you through The Wonderful World of Trilliums! Learn about the history, botany, cultivation, and propagation of trilliums, including photos of many of the most popular trillium species that are easily grown in northwest gardens. $10.50/$15.

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$10.50 – $15

Houseplants 201

WEBINAR In this online workshop, Glasswings plant director, Tassy de Give, will discuss common plant pests, bacteria, fungi, and a host of other problems that can affect the health of indoor plants. In addition to plant pathology, the three key elements of light, water, and soil will be addressed. Participants will be guided on how to create an ideal environment to set plants up for success. $10.50/$15.

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$10.50 – $15