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Photography Guidelines & Permits


Professional Photography Guidelines

Individuals or small groups may use the Garden for professional photography as long as the guidelines below are followed. A permit is not required. We provide these guidelines so your group has a positive photography session, while ensuring a pleasant experience for our many visitors.

  • Keep pathways clear
  • Stay out of planting beds
  • Do not place tripods in plant beds or on pathways
  • You are welcome to walk on the lawns
  • Do not disturb or remove plants, plant parts, plant labels, markers, or containers
  • Do not climb on the rocks or in the trees
  • Please be courteous of other visitors’ expectations for a peaceful visit to the Garden
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the Garden; service animals only are allowed.
  • We do not have changing rooms or facilities for indoor photography
  • While we do not allow weddings at the Garden, we do allow wedding photography


We are currently issuing commercial still or filming permits on a limited basis. Email staff with your request or call 425-452-2750 .

Commercial photography includes, but is not limited to, photography within the Bellevue Botanical Garden to promote or sell a product or service, photos or films for sale, and photography used for business purposes. Pre-scheduling is essential and a permit is required. Permit approval will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please review our Commercial Film & Photo Use Guide and, if you wish to proceed, complete the Park Reservation Request Form:  PDF  MS WORD



Bellevue Botanical Garden does not offer electricity/water access, maintenance staff, vehicle access to the grounds, or parking lot rental/reservations.

Fees are the minimum on a sliding scale based on the type of production:

  • Still Photography/Training films/Industrial films, etc. – $105 per day/$53 per half day
  • Broadcast, Film, TV, Commercial, etc. – $310 per day/$155 per half day