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Welcome to Our Plant Questions Page

We invite you to delve into the fascinating world of plants and explore your curiosity! Whether you’re intrigued by a particular plant species you’ve seen in the Bellevue Botanical Garden, or you’re seeking general guidance on plants in your home garden, we are here to help.

Questions about plants found in the Bellevue Botanical Garden

We maintain a comprehensive Plant Database of the plants found in the Bellevue Botanical Garden. You can access this database on our website, or you can scan the QR code found on the “What’s That Plant?” markers you will find throughout the Garden (pictured at left). These markers connect to our Plant Database and will provide you with information about the plants located in the area you are in. Once you identify the plant you have questions about, you can access detailed information about that plant in the Plant Database.

If you are unable to find the specific plant in the database, or you have a question about the plant that is not answered in the Plant Database, please email us your question. Please include the name of the plant if you know it, where in the Garden you saw it, and if possible, a photo of the plant.


General Plant Questions

Get expert help from a King County Master Gardener

General plant questions can be answered by members of our partner group, Master Gardener Foundation of King County. These WSU-trained and certified volunteers use peer reviewed resources to answer a myriad of home gardeners’ plant questions, including questions related to plant problems, plant or insect identification, and general gardening.

We invite you to visit the Bellevue Botanical Garden on Saturdays from April through September, 10am to 2pm, when Master Gardeners will be on-site to answer your questions.

If you cannot visit an in-person Master Gardener plant clinic at the Garden, you can contact their Email Clinic which is open all year and staffed by specially trained Master Gardeners.

Visit this page to submit an email inquiry to their Email Clinic.